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Gloworm Festival Goes ‘Green’

Gloworm Festival Goes ‘Green'


Gloworm Festival Goes ‘Green’

 This year, the family festival will be dedicating an area of the popular ‘Village Green’ to recycling and other environmental issues, with installations and workshops for children and families to enjoy and learn about together. We have called our new attraction The Green Living Arena.

Elements Marketing have been recycling at their events since 2015 and have been working on recycling at Gloworm Festival since it began in 2015. A report put together from last year’s event showed that 14 tonnes of waste was recycled and achieved ‘Zero to Landfill site’ in 2017.

This year, we want to highlight the imperative for both recycling and reducing the use of plastic - not just at the festival - but to educate families and children over the weekend about this globally catastrophic issue.

Another first for the festival is a new initiative to incentivise our traders and exhibitors by running a reward scheme, to encourage them to use re-useable and biodegradable items. The incentive is a financial one, offering rate reductions for participants who can demonstrate that they have taken up the commitment.

Gloworm Festival is a great vehicle for families to have fun and to be gently educated at the same time, in a relaxed, fun environment.

Our demographic is families with children from the ages of 0-13 who have come from all areas of Great Britain.  (Estimated 20,000+ visitors for 2018)       

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 The Green Living Arena:

Beach cleaning project

•    We will be working with organisations running projects that encourage families to scour beaches for plastic and other non-biodegradable waste that causes irreparable damage to the eco system. This is vital work that also provides the most wonderful hands-on learning experience.

Plight of the Bee   

•  There will be a focus on the plight of the bee and the simple things we can do to help them. The fate of bees is closely aligned with the survival of humanity - every third mouthful we eat is a result of pollination. This section of The Green Living Arena will include active participation through flower planting on site and further. Every child will be given a package of bee friendly seeds to take home and plant.

Recycling Items

•  There will be workshops focused on the creative use of plastic items and up-cycling particularly of single use plastics.

Renewable Energy

·   We all should be looking at ways to help the planet and everyone should be made aware of the other energy sources available through fun workshops.   


The Opportunity

We would like to enter sponsorship relationships with brands and companies and provide them with the opportunity to engage with our families. We seek to engage businesses and brands that share our values and who want to create a lasting, learning legacy for all our guests.

We are seeking a main sponsor for the festival which includes The Green Living Arena. The sponsorship package will provide our partner with a range of opportunities for brand exposure and significant media coverage.

Sir David Attenborough generated societal change with the broadcast of the final episode of Blue Planet 2, with individuals and blue-chip corporate's committing to ending their use of the environmental scourge of single use plastics.

We can’t pretend that sponsorship of Gloworm and The Green Living Arena will ensure the same paradigm shift achieved by Sir David, but what it will do is to consolidate and amplify his message to thousands of parents and their children, and at the same time clearly demonstrate our sponsor’s commitment to creating a better world through positive change.

On-line and traditional media outlets LOVE Gloworm; it is a feel-good festival, with positive messaging and great imagery. This is a wonderful opportunity for our main sponsor to communicate their brand values to the public and media through brand positioning and activation at prominent public facing locations on the festival site as well as significant exposure through marketing and PR opportunities in the build up to the event.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this unique sponsorship opportunity which will commence roll out to the public in June 2018.

Gary Allen - Projects Director