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Tumble Tots Experiential Weekend of fun

tumble tots experiential weekend

Tumble Tots, Britain’s leading physical play programme for children, has been the springboard to developing children’s skills for life for more than quarter of a century.

The programme, which has benefited more than a million children since 1979, instils in them, a healthy and active lifestyle and the confidence, to reach their maximum potential.

Tumble Tots believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of growing up, the challenges of developing new skills and the satisfaction of success. We are totally committed to building a healthier future.

Children have an enormous amount of natural energy and with proper help and guidance it can be channelled in the right direction. If we can start children on a healthy way of life early on then it will become a habit for the rest of their lives.

Remember exercise should be about having fun.

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The brand came to us with a clear message, they wanted to further expand the already expansive franchises and to build and maintain their strong position in the children's market. 

We organised and secured a sponsorship deal for the Gloworm Festival in 2017

The sponsorship included physically challenging workshop areas for young children and families to experience.  

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Along with the workshops, we organised stage shows and meet and greets with a whole host of very popular children's TV characters.

The weekend gave the brand a huge boost in national booking numbers and it provided lots of interest in franchises across the UK.

The brand also had a huge increase in brand exposure on-line and on social media from a series off money can't buy VIP competition prizes to the festival.      

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